10 Ways to Use Beer (Besides Drinking It)

10 Ways to Use Beer (Besides Drinking It)

10 Ways to Use Beer (Besides Drinking It)

10 Ways to Use Beer (Besides Drinking It)

Ruana March 31, 2020


Beer: A popular refreshment on a hot summer evening. Tons of wonderful micro brews, imports and locals to choose from. But did you know beer has some awesome uses besides kicking one back? I don’t drink adult beverages so I found these especially interesting.

Here are 10 awesome ways to use beer for even those that don’t like it. You may be surprised at some of these!

1. Marinate meat with it. Since beer, like other alcohols is acidic, it works great to tenderize meat and help the flavors of your marinade sink in well. Try adding it to your favorite recipe to get a great taste combination.

2. Polish copper with it. It works wonders to get rid of tarnish on copper because of the acidity. Just pour some into a pot and let it sit or if you have small items like copper silverware, place them into a container like a bowl or a deep dish and allow them to sit for and hour. When you remove them, you will just need to wipe them clean.

3. Make awesome bread with it. Check out our favorite 3 Ingredient Beer Bread Recipe that will leave your home smelling amazing and your taste buds alive.

4. Hair need a little shine? Try doing a beer rinse once in a while to kick up those locks!

5. Got some rusty bolts and nuts on your latest project? Pour or soak them in beer. The carbonation will help break up the rust.

6. One of the more surprising things you can do with beer is use it as a foot soak. It will help soften callouses and has been shown to kill certain types of fungi. I wonder what that will make your feet smell like?

7. Are you a “mussel man”? (not THAT kind!) Did you know that steaming oysters or mussels in equal parts water and beer will help them taste awesome and open easier?

8.  Did you know that beer can help lower blood pressure? Try drinking one a day and you may see a change in overall blood pressure.

9.  Set a mouse trap. Leave a little bit of beer in the bottom of a bottle, leaving it right-side up. Mice are very much attracted to the small of beer. They will climb in and not be able to get out.

10. Kick up plain rice a notch. After you have partially cooked some plain rice, pour a 12 oz can into a pot and set it to simmer. Add the rice and cook till tender. It will give the rice a nuttier taste, depending on the kind of ale you use. A darker will be the strongest.

I actually don’t drink at all and so these are really interesting to me! What other uses can you think of?

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