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Best case 7 TDs = 49 points with a median of around 34. The Raiders offense averages a 30+ yards and 2.07 points per drive. The Pats are giving up 39+ yards per dive, which is the worst in the NFL ...

How to Use Handicap Lines When Betting 🥇 Football Tips

The key to using the handicap betting football markets correctly is to giving yourself genuine value on your bets. The most popular way of doing that is to use it when betting on a favourite. In the example above, Manchester City will be a very short price, something like 1/10 (1.10 decimal odds) to beat Burnley at home on the regular win line.

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Step 1: Find an opportunity: There are plenty of handicap betting opportunities out there for you. If you believe that a certain team is going to win a game by a certain amount or lose a game by a certain amount, you can look for a handicap betting opportunity. Oftentimes, the same event will have multiple different handicap betting options.

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Tie 3/1. Team B (+2) 2/1. If the above match finishes with team A winning by exactly two goals, the handicap market will be a tie or draw. In order for you to win with Team A on the handicap, they will need to win by more than two goals, therefore, scorelines such as 3-0, 4-1 and 5-2 will all be in your favour.

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The use of the normal distribution has been discussed from a different perspective in this article and explains how to use Standard Deviation for handicap betting. The assumptions set in other articles still apply though: chiefly the distribution must be a bell shaped curved and not skewed to any side.

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Handicap betting is popular when a strong football team is playing against a weaker team. To balance the playing field and make the match more interesting for gamblers, the bookmaker will open a handicap betting market and give the favourite a disadvantage at the beginning of the match and the outsider an advantage.

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You don’t have to take the ‘main’ handicap, but more bookmakers pricing up usually means more competition and higher odds generally. Handicaps are expressed as half or quarter goal numbers to eliminate the tie option. For example the -0.5 handicap is the same as a standard home win.

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We will use the imaginary foursome of Jack, Tom, Brad, and Ryan to illustrate. First, find the member with the lowest course handicap and subtract that number from all four players' course handicaps. The lowest member should now have a handicap of zero.